Our Properties

Miller Block and Sabri Commons

Sabri Properties, Main Office building.

Purchased in 2002 and constructed by Sabri Properties, our main office is located on the 3rd floor of the building, overlooking downtown Minneapolis. This location also houses restaurants and a hair salon located on the lower level.

International Bazaar

Sabri Properties: International Bazaar building.

This building was purchased by Sabri Properties in 1999. It is home to salons, jewelry stores, clothing stores, and restaurants. The interior is designed to 

mimic the bazaars found in Hispanic countries such as Mexico.

Yusuf Center

Sabri Properties: Yusuf Center building.

Plaza Mexico

Sabri Properties: Plaza Mexico.

Rana South

Sabri Properties: Karmel West building.

Karmel Mall

Sabri Properties: Karmel Mall.

Karmel Village

Sabri Properties: Karmel Village apartment building.

Rana Village

Sabri Properties: Rana Village apartment building.

The construction of Rana Village is currently underway. Projected completion is for June 2020. The building will house around 113 units of 1-4 bedroom apartments.