Sabri Properties

Who We Are

We have an in-depth understanding of the market you are looking at. We go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate the value of home, including those special aspects of living somewhere beautiful.

What We Do

  • Commercial Rental Property and Apartments
  • Invest in our community
  • Promote safety and security programs
  • Event sponsorship and community activities
  • Small business assistance programs

Why Us?

At Sabri Properties, our guiding 

principal and mission is simple:

To share our unique and civic orientated business practices, and to create 

greater public awareness of the role 

commercial developers can play in 

reinvigorating communities.

About Us

Sabri Properties is a Minneapolis based developer of residential and commercial properties.

We specialize in long-term projects revitalizing entire neighborhoods, and going beyond development and construction of buildings. Our goal is to restore hope and opportunity to the disadvantaged, recreating communities that serve and reflect those already residing in the neighborhood.

For nearly 25 years our company has played a key role in revitalizing neighborhoods throughout the city of Minneapolis. We believe that the safety, prosperity, and vitality of our neighbors are the true foundations of the buildings we construct. Doing this requires long-term involvement, and extends far beyond the traditional concept of what a development company is.

Sabri Properties main office building entry way.

Sabri Properties main office building entry way.

News and Upcoming Events

  The Lake Street Council is inviting the neighborhood to come and support businesses at Plaza Mexico with two upcoming small events for families at Las Charolas:   

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Sabri Properties

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