Karmel Mall

Karmel Mall refers to our two buildings known as Karmel Square and Karmel Plaza. The mall is the largest and also the first Somali shopping center in the United States. Both buildings share a parking ramp and offer all types of goods, food, drinks, and services of Somali culture.

Karmel Square

Often referred to as "Old Karmel", the building was first purchased in the late 1990s and opened to the public as Karmel Square in 1998. This section of the mall houses a variety of stores, barber shops, coffee stores, dry cleaning, food, and many other services.

Karmel Plaza

Referred to as "New Karmel" as it was built after Karmel Square, the land was purchased in 2004 by Sabri Properties and the building was constructed in 2005. Karmel Plaza is home to over 120 stores featuring clothing, jewelry, food, furniture, office services and much more! 

The mall also contains coffee shops, restaurants such as Qoraxlow, a Mosque for prayer and a school for children.

Karmel Mosque

Considered to be one of the largest Mosques in Minneapolis, Karmel Mosque can be found on the third floor of Karmel Plaza.